Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

Our weekend was a great one spent with Bo and Banks while Kate & Jay went on an adult getaway with friends; baby Grey stayed home with Cece. They did everything that the Bowers kids did a few weeks ago, minus the dress-up play. Also, with Bo, pancakes in the morning are mandatory.

Legos and vehicles are the favorites here.

Bo inspecting the pancake batter for consistency. 

Can you tell we had blueberry pancakes?

Banks telling me we needed to watch TV. Nope, we're outside!

Bo doesn't mind the girls' hand-me-down pink and purple scooter.

Neither does Banks, although he couldn't quite figure out
how to make it go FAST.

We're calling this a science lesson;
Banks discovered the fan would blow the stroller across the carport. 

Feeding the fish, although we went in the morning
and the fish weren't terribly hungry.

Swimming made them hungry
and we couldn't get our pizzas made fast enough!

Swinging just before Banks realized Bo had Gatorade and he didn't.

Now he has some!

Bye, bye. It was a wonderful weekend.

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