Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

On our way to feed the fish.

Mack's already out of bread.

The fish were churning. 

Gotta love his technique. 

Cuddle time.

Poor Mack. Not much in the dress-up basket for him so he had to be creative,
resorting to using a white leather glove and a fan as a golf glove and club.
Emma went with bridal attire...

...while Ellie channeled Scarlet from the Minions.
She's a big fan of her Auntie Kate's show choir dresses.

There was swimming, pizza making, and more, but sometimes you're just too busy to take a picture!

Movie time.

This one has always been serious about her tv time. 

The cash register...still the most popular toy.

Yes, that's a huge suitcase behind the kids. In our house,
it's a toy box on wheels, easily pulled out when the kids are here. 

While E.W. and I were chatting with friends on the steps of the church,
these three were doing...I'm not sure what!

Maybe Mack has his sisters trained to carry him around?

They were SO good in church and were covered in happy afterwards.

An Emma sandwich.

A quick stop to visit Sa, lunch, and then we were on our way to take these precious kiddos home to their parents, who'd been celebrating their 12th anniversary this weekend!

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