Friday, July 7, 2017

SSI 2017: Last Beach Day

We took scads of pictures in a matter of minutes;
I think there might be one where Bo's feet are on the ground!

The Sassy Six make my heart sing.

The girls getting some baby sugar...

...and then helping him learn to walk. 

Not sure what Banks is selling
but Mack looks like he might be buying.

The expressions on these faces when they see the crabs!

Looks serious.

Uh oh. The boys found out that Ellie and Emma
had scraped up enough money to rent bikes.

The boys whined until they got turns;
I'm not sure Ellie was on hers more than a couple of minutes.
She's such a sweet big cousin. 

Emma shared more than she rode, too. 

Banks can't reach the pedals but look at his face when Ellie pushed him. 

Spending the last few minutes of beach time...

...and Grey decided he liked it a little bit. 

It will be an entirely different story with him next year during the
Fourth of July week; he'll be able to keep up with the big boys a little bit!

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