Sunday, July 2, 2017

SSI 2017: And So It Begins

Being at the beach for the Fourth of July weeks is one of our favorite times of year. We get to spend time with Tifts, Summers, Berrymans, and lots of Bowers. Our first full day was, well, full. There was beach time, pool time, and most importantly, ice cream time!

Just getting started.

These two? Double trouble!

Jay, Worth, and 5/6 of the kiddos, while...

...the 6th one worked on toes-in-the-sand for the first time.

Banks and Emma, chilling on the steps.

As you might imagine, this did not end well...

...there was, apparently, retaliation on Bo's part. Work it out, boys!
(it took about two seconds before they were playing happily again)

Our oldest grandchild is, it seems, a flying fish. 

Sister talk.

E.W. is the center of attention

Brothers and sisters.

Grey didn't hate the pool, but I'm not sure he loved it, either.
Emma was on hand to help out.
After a day at the beach and in the pool, it was time to churn. We all appreciate Kate making Momee's custard (two batches, as we are gluttons); it is not easy but makes the best ice cream.

The rule is that every kid has to take a turn churning and this year there was a fierce competition as to who could crank that handle the most times. Jake won, with Ellie a very close second.

Ellie was inside with the big people (or old people as Mack would say).
This group (Mack would term them the new people) is a little messier.

Grey was a fan. He leaned forward, grabbed the spoon,
and cried every time Kate moved the spoon away to fill it up again. 

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