Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

Our weekend was a great one spent with Bo and Banks while Kate & Jay went on an adult getaway with friends; baby Grey stayed home with Cece. They did everything that the Bowers kids did a few weeks ago, minus the dress-up play. Also, with Bo, pancakes in the morning are mandatory.

Legos and vehicles are the favorites here.

Bo inspecting the pancake batter for consistency. 

Can you tell we had blueberry pancakes?

Banks telling me we needed to watch TV. Nope, we're outside!

Bo doesn't mind the girls' hand-me-down pink and purple scooter.

Neither does Banks, although he couldn't quite figure out
how to make it go FAST.

We're calling this a science lesson;
Banks discovered the fan would blow the stroller across the carport. 

Feeding the fish, although we went in the morning
and the fish weren't terribly hungry.

Swimming made them hungry
and we couldn't get our pizzas made fast enough!

Swinging just before Banks realized Bo had Gatorade and he didn't.

Now he has some!

Bye, bye. It was a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Quick Visit

It's been a month since I went to see mama, so when I learned that Susan was coming with Donna and Greg to see mama, I made a snap decision to make a quick overnight visit. Love this cousin!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Twelve is a good number.

Love comparing beach pictures year by year and seeing how our family has grown to a perfect dozen. Who would have thought this only child would have this many blessings?

Grey makes it an even dozen.

Eleven of us, almost twelve.

Banks makes eleven.

Mack makes ten and Banks on the way.

Bo makes nine and Mack's on the way.

Eight of us and Bo on the way.

Jay (by marriage) and Emma (by birth) joined the family in May,
so now we are eight.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

On our way to feed the fish.

Mack's already out of bread.

The fish were churning. 

Gotta love his technique. 

Cuddle time.

Poor Mack. Not much in the dress-up basket for him so he had to be creative,
resorting to using a white leather glove and a fan as a golf glove and club.
Emma went with bridal attire...

...while Ellie channeled Scarlet from the Minions.
She's a big fan of her Auntie Kate's show choir dresses.

There was swimming, pizza making, and more, but sometimes you're just too busy to take a picture!

Movie time.

This one has always been serious about her tv time. 

The cash register...still the most popular toy.

Yes, that's a huge suitcase behind the kids. In our house,
it's a toy box on wheels, easily pulled out when the kids are here. 

While E.W. and I were chatting with friends on the steps of the church,
these three were doing...I'm not sure what!

Maybe Mack has his sisters trained to carry him around?

They were SO good in church and were covered in happy afterwards.

An Emma sandwich.

A quick stop to visit Sa, lunch, and then we were on our way to take these precious kiddos home to their parents, who'd been celebrating their 12th anniversary this weekend!

Friday, July 7, 2017

SSI 2017: Last Beach Day

We took scads of pictures in a matter of minutes;
I think there might be one where Bo's feet are on the ground!

The Sassy Six make my heart sing.

The girls getting some baby sugar...

...and then helping him learn to walk. 

Not sure what Banks is selling
but Mack looks like he might be buying.

The expressions on these faces when they see the crabs!

Looks serious.

Uh oh. The boys found out that Ellie and Emma
had scraped up enough money to rent bikes.

The boys whined until they got turns;
I'm not sure Ellie was on hers more than a couple of minutes.
She's such a sweet big cousin. 

Emma shared more than she rode, too. 

Banks can't reach the pedals but look at his face when Ellie pushed him. 

Spending the last few minutes of beach time...

...and Grey decided he liked it a little bit. 

It will be an entirely different story with him next year during the
Fourth of July week; he'll be able to keep up with the big boys a little bit!

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