Tuesday, June 13, 2017

One thing runs into another.

The day after Shannon and Brian's wedding, it was time for the Junebugs to head to the beach. Seems crazy that the four of us have been making this trip for 25 years! We didn't manage to commemorate it with anything silver, though, unless you count the "silver" skies we saw for the first few days of the week. Still, we were able to have beach time every day but one, and it's not like we are rushing out there in our bikinis to get a tan like we were those first years!

toes in the sand and water the day we got there, always a good moment

this was not our favorite look.
thankfully the bad weather moved out and left us with...

...beautiful blue skies, low humidity, and temperatures in the low eighties

nothing like it

proof that I was there

At the end of our week, it was time to go to Athens for the Seward wedding, so I hitched a ride to Kate's with Mary Ann (E.W. had come the day before) instead of going home.

after a beautiful wedding at the UGA chapel

the beautiful bride and handsome groom
(amazing photo hijacked from her Facebook page!)

Back at home. Next up: Erick and the Lady Titans spend the night Wednesday, we get Sa moved into her new room Thursday, and Joe & Cynthia come on Friday. Our lives are a non-stop circus!

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