Saturday, April 1, 2017

ancestry dna

Got my results today and they didn't quite match up with the predictions I'd made. For one thing, I'm so surprised by the nearly absent connection to Italy, given that I've always identified so strongly with my Cavaleri heritage. Really makes me curious how others who are swimming in my gene pool would fare!

I figured there would be some German connection (hello, Minick side of the family) but didn't anticipate it would be the majority. Actually, I thought those two would be flipped in order, with the middle percentages being about what they turned out to be since I do have a good bit of verified genealogy with those areas. 

Now that Scandinavian DNA? No clue, except for the geographical proximity to Germany.

I also feel like 100% Europe is a little boring... :)

Here's the breakdown of the regions:
Europe West (includes France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein)
Ireland (includes Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
Great Britain (includes England, Scotland, Wales)
Scandinavia (includes Sweden, Norway, Denmark)

As far as more recent DNA connections go, I'd have to say the results seem pretty accurate. We know that mama's family has been in western SC dating back hundreds of years and research verifies a good bit of my dad's being there a hundred and more years ago (before many made their way to Georgia).

Now to get the rest of my family to get their DNA processed...

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