Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Quick Trip

It's been forever since Linda and I have had some time to just be together, so Sunday I drove up for a quick visit. We caught up on a lot of things (and I got to meet her new granddaughter!) and Shannon's upcoming wedding and our grandchildren were hot topics. 

Bev, one of my Leavenworth friends, lives in Newnan and I'd arranged to meet her for lunch Monday. Facebook had connected us to a woman who has written about Newnan history; Carla met us for lunch and I was able to give her a scrapbook that was left by my grandmother. The scrapbook had been a gift to my great-grandfather's sister from her cousin in 1881. They were Newnan people and the scrapbook is chock full of obituaries and newspaper articles about happenings of the day. I hope that she will find some useful information before she hands it off to the Newnan Historical Society, where I feel it belongs (so much better than in a file cabinet at my house!). 

After lunch, I drove to Evans for an overnight with mama. It just didn't work out for us to have a picture made together, though. She's doing pretty well for 92 (and a half, she would tell you). I hope I have half the wonderful attitude she does if/when I reach that point!

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