Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How many different activities can we fit into one weekend? I lost count!

Before the onslaught, as my mama used to say.

Not sure we could have fit one more thing into the weekend! Friday as Kate and her family were on their way to our house, Ashley met me halfway with Mack so he could spend the night while she and the girls did the Color Run. At the same time, E.W. and Worth were wrapped up in the Paddyshack golf tournament.

As it turned out they WON their flight! 

When Mack and I got to the house, we had just a short wait before the Berrymans arrived at which time he, Bo, and Banks went into immediate play mode. It was just Kate, me, and the boys as Jay headed down to VSU for a hall-of-fame dinner and he stayed with Worth and Ashley, too.

No, I don't know what they're doing!

Selecting the correct club is crucial.

Surveying the dirt in the rough,
trying to figure out how to dig with golf clubs.

After some yard time, we loaded up the golf cart and headed for the fish pond. Kate and I really didn't think that through, as one of us spent most of our time trying to keep the big three from falling in the water and the other held Grey. Neither of us was in the mood to jump in that icky looking water! 

How calm and still they look.
Pictures can be deceiving!

After the fish pond expedition, it was time to start the nighttime routine. Kate fed Banks and while I prepped supper for the big boys, Banks was a lion/dinosaur/bear and Bo and Mack ran wild.

"Don't believe me, just watch."

Suppertime! I made them drink out of sippy cups because
I knew that as excited as they were, a turned over cup was likely.

Yeah, Kate had her hands full with rub-a-dub-dub,
three boys in the tub!

Grey seemed a little offended that he wasn't included...

...until he got some sink time with Mia!

We resorted to Netflix so we could catch our breath
for a minute before we wrestled them into bed!

They were so funny, all in the cousins' room (the barracks). We tried to eavesdrop on the conversation between Mack and Bo; all we heard was Bo saying to Mack that he'd have to tell him later, that he had to suck his thumb right now. Ha. They finally went to sleep, whew!

Saturday morning, long before daylight, Kate and I got the three big boys up and dressed so she could meet Ashley at the PAUMC Bunny Hop. Of course the boys were already awake but Bo and Mack  couldn't believe I was giving them permission to get out of bed when it was still dark!

Grey and I held down the fort here and what a sweet, smily baby he is! He was a huge help with the baked spaghetti I made for us to have that night, too. 

Grey working on his Happy Baby yoga pose. 

Jay met them at the Bunny Hop and then took the boys on to the VSU baseball game (going out on the field was a highlight for them).  Kate came home in time to get ready for a baby shower she and two friends were throwing for another sweet friend who is expecting a little girl soon. 

Sweet hostesses and little mama.

Before the shower ended, Jay, Bo, and Banks were home; they played outside and loaded a few things from Sa's that they were taking with them. Jay was happy when they could finally come in the house!

E.W. returned home from the tournament at some point and jumped into the madness. Not sure how but we managed to get the supper, bath, and bedtime routine done and have our own supper, albeit in shifts, and then we sat down. Ahhhh. 

By 8:30 Sunday morning, they were loaded up and heading home. 

Yeah, I don't think we could have fit one more thing into those 40 hours! 

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