Sunday, January 22, 2017

Friday Night

The Bowers kids spent the night with us Friday night and as they say, the joint was jumpin'! Ellie's favorite is dressing up. Emma goes along with it, but Ellie's the driving force. She was thrilled that Auntie Kate's old show choir dress had made it to the bin and alternated between that and an all-black-with-sunglasses Audrey Hepburn look.

and yes, the cash register is still a hot commodity.

The dialog that went along with these outfits was hilarious. 

All loaded up, ahead of the rain, to feed the fish.

We almost made it home before the rain. This is what was going on while E.W. ran in to get our order of Chicken Marie. Too funny, the song that was playing on Pandora.

Fresh and clean!

Winding down (ha). 

I keep my dad's old point and shoot in with the toys and Mack is obsessed; does not put the camera down. 

He took 218 pictures; here are a few:


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