Monday, January 2, 2017

Brothers and Sisters

For a few years I've been trying to orchestrate a New Year's Eve with the three brothers and three sisters. Sue, Cynthia, and I are only children, so for us, sisters by marriage count as sisters without the in-law tag. It can be confusing for others but it works for us!

We did a lot of talking, sitting by the fire, and eating. There was a golf episode, too, as you might imagine. 

The Florida people arrive.

Scarlett in her happy place.

Triple Threat

There was a lot of this. We refer to it as Culhaning.
For reference, see the first few seconds of this clip.
Yes, we've been calling lots of folks on the sofa Culhaning since college. 

It was a great way to start 2017 and we're already planning to start 2018 the same way! 


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