Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas is when we can all be together.

This year, it landed on New Year's Eve. Our hearts are happy when the twelve of us are together!

Waiting for cousins from Valdosta.

No idea about the confusion that is about to ensue. 

First things first: Banks continues his birthday celebration.

Opening his gifts is a group effort. 

A picker! His favorite. 

A motley crew! Love these six SO much. 

Emma read the first half of the Christmas story from Luke (her first time!) and
 Ellie read the last half. Looks like a sweet calm moment, right?

Here's the full view. Traditions are important, despite the chaos all around. :)

Kids' table minus Grey, who still merits eating with the big people. 

Last year we decided that the kids would open their gifts
and the adults would wait until kids were, if not asleep,
upstairs for the night. It was still wild!

It was a blur of paper and ribbons and whirling children.

Grey is already a professional gift unwrapper.
He practiced at home before Christmas. 

A rare moment when Grey let sweet Emma hug him. 

Typical. The adults ate great leftovers for supper
and the kids wanted peanut butter and jelly.

Hey, guys, I think you forgot me.

Four boys in the tub...just a little crowded!

Clean boys warm up by the fire while the girls bathe and get pjs on. 

Another effort to get the six of them looking in the same general direction.

Aunt Ash getting some Grey sugar...

...while the other five do this, whatever it is. 

Time for the nightly dance party!

Kids upstairs, gifts opened, and champagne poured.
Ready for 2018!

Friday, December 29, 2017


Bo knows the excitement of birthdays; he's had five. Grey isn't too sure. Banks is up for any kind of celebration, so having family sing happy birthday to him a couple of days early was fine with him! E.W. and I were able to go by the farm after leaving mama's Wednesday and before we headed home. 

Banks! It's a present! For you! 

Dubs gets a smile out of Grey




Monday, December 25, 2017

Friday, December 22, 2017

Today in Arlington

So thankful for the kindness of strangers, in this case someone who offered to take these pictures for me today.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Junebugs, Basketball, Wreaths, Birthday, Wedding, Whew!

Despite scheduling and geography issues the Junebugs made our Christmas weekend (if Thursday -Saturday can be counted as a weekend) happen! We laughed, shopped, ate, gifted each other, and more, but somehow we didn't manage any photographic evidence of our together time. Take my word for it; we had fun and came home with all manner of goodies. Junebugs know what other Junebugs like!

Saturday morning, Kate, Banks, and Grey picked me up and we met everyone else at Bo's basketball game.

After taking kiddos home, she had a wonderful surprise for me. She'd researched and found a local Wreaths Across America event. We didn't realize there would be a service but it was so touching and made us feel like a small part of this growing movement. Laying wreaths on our two at Arlington is a goal of ours. 

After leaving the ceremony, we stopped by an antique market and I found something I've been wanting for years, a fireplace fender, but had never seen one for great price...until Saturday! It's solid brass, heavy, and mine!

Next up was a family party for Bo, who turned five earlier in the week. He even had a couple of Junebugs attend! He had told me at the basketball game (when I told him I hadn't seen him since he'd been five) that he would not actually be five until he blew out the candles, so I guess it's now official. 

Grey didn't really care but he wasn't sure why James, Banks, and Bo got cake and all he got was a paci.

Next up: the wedding of the daughter of our college friends, Mike and Eve. It was quite the event and the bonus was we got to be with Betsey and Ricky. 

Sunday morning we picked Sylvia up from Mary Ann's and headed home. Confession: I took a four-hour nap while Emmett played golf Sunday afternoon! It was a busy few days!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Pageant

Mack had eight of us in the audience last night, and he did not disappoint!

There's nothing better than a children's Christmas pageant. So sweet!

Biggest sister and daddy. 

Big sister/reindeer, ready for a photo op. 

Ellie got a few pictures of our little sheep...

...he was SO proud. 

Did I mention he was proud?

Couldn't take that smile away!
For more (including video) and other musical happenings, see his mama's blog.

Monday, December 11, 2017


...and now.
Happy Birthday to our oldest grandson!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Concert E&E

Nothing makes me feel more Christmasy than a children's program!

Sweet Emma. Ready!
Ellie was one of the narrators...
...and had a solo role, as well. It was the first time we'd
 heard her sing and her voice is so sweet!
Next up: Mack's program!
Oh, and in the meantime, Bo had his Christmas program. Sadly, distance kept us from being there. From the video we saw, he was Very Serious about it.
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