Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Celebrating Early

On the way home from an overnight visit with mama, we stopped by the farm for an early celebration of Banks' birthday. 

Oh, yeah. I can make a mess with this!

Bo supervises, now that he is four. :)

Wasn't quick enough to catch the unprompted thanks, 
but did manage to get this version later. Precious!

Look, Banks! Left-handed clubs!

Finally, the child can hit the ball with the club face.

These clubs also came with a caddy. 

Waiting for cake...

...and Mia steals some snuggle time.

Mama holds the cake while daddy pulls diaper duty.

Ever with some sort of ball, Banks eyes mama and daddy.

Not sure what's going through his mind...

...but he blew out the candle just fine.

One last squish on the birthday boy before heading home.

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