Sunday, November 13, 2016

Georgia - Auburn weekend

Grey working on tummy time. Almost 7 weeks old!

The big boys riding wild in the driveway.

Banks loves to hold Grey...for about ten seconds.

Banks sporting the firefighter accessories.
Looks like he's ready to be on a calendar. 

Rachel was in town and we were so, so glad she made it to the tailgate.
She got to meet Grey, too.
(see him there, worn by Kate; note his little football hat)

First tailgate as a party of five for the Berrymans!

He was so good at the tailgate...

...and this one was, too...had so much fun!
Kate and I took the kids home and watched the game on TV; Dawgs had a great (AU was favored by 9) 13-7 win! 

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