Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Busy Days

Kate and her three-ring circus the boys stayed a few days after the weekend while Jay traveled. It was a great chance to get in extra snuggles and make pancakes. Now that Banks is able to talk, the communication* and play between him and Bo is so interesting...and funny. 

E.W. covered up and trying to save his coffee.

a little golf practice...

...but it's a challenge when you're a leftie with a right-handed club
(guess what Santa is bringing him?)

meanwhile, I get all the snuggles

Sunday afternoon Kate loaded up her three for a quick visit with Ashley and her three. It was the first time Ellie, Emma, and Mack had met baby Grey, so it was the first time that all six of our grandchildren were together. I understand it was wild and that sounds about right!

The Sassy Six, together for the first time.

Grey and Dubs in the swing; it's all good.

Gonna be like his brothers; loves bathtime.

Monday our get-out-of-the-house was a short trip to the local pumpkin farm. 

three lil punkins

The 'big boys' really enjoyed running through the corn maze.

Brother's Boots

Bo took an extra long nap Tuesday and Banks was pretty proud
that he was the only one around to give kisses to baby Grey.

Baby Grey wasn't too sure about it, though.

E.W. and me sharing our happy place with these three.

sweet hands
Legos are the toy of choice at Mia and E.W.'s house. Works for their parents because they don't have Legos everywhere. Works for me because when the kids are here, I kind of like to play with them, too.

While mama and Grey visit a friend, E.W. picks up pizza. That leaves Mia in the kitchen and the sinks full of boys!

*The big boys in the cousins' room:

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hall of Fame

E.W. was chosen to be the coach inducted into the Tift County Athletic Hall of Fame this weekend. It was an honor well-deserved for his accomplishments and influence during his years as a football, basketball, and golf coach. I'm one proud wife!

Friday night inductees were introduced at halftime:

Saturday evening friends and families of inductees gathered for a banquet and ceremony. 

a small sampling of E.W.'s memorabilia

Marshall, Jay, and Worth 

Sa and Chanon
Our girls and baby Grey

Da Coach

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lunch Date

I rescued this cutie from the Fall Festival to go home, have lunch, and nap. We had a great time picnicking in the yard and playing (not the original plan, but when you discover you don't have a house key after all, you improvise!). He also gave me a refresher on a few of the rules (when you wash your hands you have to use soap, you aren't supposed to lose your capri sun, and you have to use two hands when you drink a gatorade, among others). 

Sweet boy, taking a break from eating.

Trying all of my keys out on the back door.

Mastering the 'rock wall'.
So proud to do it all by himself, maybe for the first time.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A little boredom, please.

After watching the weather channel nonstop, 
praying for the millions affected by the hurricane, 
and hosting our own evacuee, a new week dawned. 
Thankfully, the rest of the week is shaping up to 
be low key and perhaps, even boring, because
the first half of the week was wild  
(but did provide opportunities for gratitude 
although not always in the moment).

A nail in my tire had to be repaired before I could leave for Kate's.
I'm grateful that I discovered it before leaving
 and grateful to E.W. for getting it repaired.

Mama fell and nicked her head on a chair; it was bleeding,
of course, so they had to send her to ER at Eisenhower.
I'm grateful that I was at Kate's so only two hours away, 
that she's living in a place where she can get immediate 
help, that the scan was clear, and that she only
 required one staple in the back of her head.

I spent the night with her since we didn't leave ER until ten.
I'm grateful for an impromptu slumber party 
and that I had my pillow in the car.

My niece's almost-six-year-old had jammed a crayon
in his ear last Thursday and punctured his eardrum.
I'm grateful that he had access to 
medical help and a competent surgeon.

Sister Sue broke two of her toes.
I'm grateful the breaks were not as bad as they could have been.

On the way home from Kate's I realized the air conditioning
wasn't working, so I rode home with the windows open.
About an hour into the trip, I smelled that burned electrical odor
and thought, great, the air not working was just an indicator
that the car was about to die.
I'm grateful that about a mile further down the road, 
I saw the truck that was the source of the odor. 

The last half of that trip featured warmer temperatures,
a strange squeaking in the back of the car, and a realization
that I had no idea how loud the trucks on the interstate are.
Oh, and a trailer in front of me blew two tires
and wobbled in a terrifying manner.
I'm SO grateful to have made it home with 
everything intact except the air conditioning 
and my nerves, and that the AC did not require a major repair.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Lots of snuggles with the newest member of the family.

Working hard...these boys stay busy!

Discussing horticulture with Dubs

Tailgating with the 'big boys' (we won't bring up the results of the game).

Meeting Aunt Ash...

...and Uncle Worth

Bathtime tears, though.

Dining al fresco.

Lots of inexplicable roaring from this one. Hilarious.

These two love their new brother. Banks wakes up crying for him...

...and Bo is obsessed.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Side Trip

I've been helping the Berrymans transition to life with this little guy. Today, though, I made a side trip to see my very favorite mama! She'll be 92 next month; isn't she gorgeous?

Also, why isn't her hair gray? Amazing.
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