Saturday, September 17, 2016

Done....well, almost.

Last time I posted pictures of the playhouse it seemed like it should be about finished, but you know the closer a project gets to being finished, the less progress you can actually see. After a big workday Wednesday (I was otherwise occupied Th/Fr...more about that tomorrow) and a lot of work this morning, E.W. and I have the playhouse ready for football Saturday. Of course, there are things that aren't quite finished (plumbing issue, painter needs to finish, and gutters....) but that's always the case, isn't it? Still, E.W. has some friends coming over tonight to grill and watch football and it's ready enough for that!

We don't have much in there right now (I'm talking to you, workbench, power tools, paint, gardening supplies, rakes, shovels...and more) but as time goes by, that will change. Right now we are just going to enjoy our multi-purpose room!

Also, we're taking suggestions about what to call this crazy space. Any ideas?

Here are pictures from each of the four corners, like I've done in previous posts. I'll share some exterior shots one of these days.

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