Monday, August 1, 2016

Photo Bomb

We just couldn't get it together this year. Family photos were set for the night of the low country boil; little did we know that we would be the ones boiling. The heat index was 105 with humidity in the upper nineties and that was around seven at night! We were cleaned up, dressed up, and then completely sweated up before we could even think about getting down to the beach. The picture we did get a few mornings later...well, let's just say we didn't think it through. Sarah took two (two!) pictures and both featured a photobombing bird. Really?

Just so you can see what I was working with, here are the uncropped photos:

We've done better in previous years:






Maybe next year...

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  1. The photobombing bird is pretty funny though! Haha! And you are right...that night was BOILING HOT!


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