Sunday, July 31, 2016

the week that was

After my visit with mama earlier in the week, these two had a few days of Mia time while Kate and Jay were out of town. E.W. stayed home to work and supervise work on the playhouse (will I ever be able to call it anything else?). 

Both of these kids love, love playing with this train set. You can't really tell, but they are playing on top of my old kitchen island; it's now in Kate's craft area in the playroom. There are a lot of memories of family and friends around that island so it's fun that it's continuing to serve a purpose. I was worried about Banks falling off and hovered around him nonstop; in the meantime, Bo managed to slip off. Thank goodness the only 'injury' was carpet burn on his upper lip and nose. Poor baby. 

Friday morning we went to Rush, where everything involved trampolines, foam pits, and balls. I thought they might last an hour. No, we were there nearly the entire two-hour session and these boys had a blast. I took these pictures soon after we got there; it got packed and my eyes were crossing trying to keep up with the two of them veering off into different directions. Bo did not slow down.

Lunch and a nap revived them, apparently. That day and every day they played in the bouncy house Aunt Ash and Uncle Worth gave them for Christmas. Yes, Banks likes a ball in his bouncy house, too. 

Time out for quiet play and doing his impression of Worth as a little boy. 

Mary Ann came over Friday night and brought pizza - no photographic evidence of that, though. When I told Bo she was coming he was so excited and said he had not seen her in a long time. She helped me wrangle them through supper, bath, and bedtime and then we were able to visit for a while. 

Both boys are big fans of reading; hope they always love books. Banks enjoyed pointing out 'baby' in this small book of Bible stories. 

It was so hot but we did venture outside some. Again, Banks with balls and for extra excitement, a bat. He had a hard time holding all of his equipment. 

Bo is in a truck/tractor/any-vehicle phase and spent his time with the dump truck. He can entertain himself for the longest and if you listen carefully (and Banks isn't talking), you can hear him narrate as he plays. Adorable.

Bathtime is about five minutes of washing down boys and then watching them play until the water turns cold.

The last night I was there, these two stole a few minutes of tv before books, prayers, and sacking out. I stole a minute to sit down! 

I used to feel sorry for grandparents because they were old. Now I know that being a grandparent is one of life's biggest joys; so thankful for our five (six soon!). 

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