Tuesday, July 12, 2016

SSI 2016 Part Two

Here's how the rest of the week played out...at least the part with pictures...

Ready for a Tuesday outing with her mama.

Almost ready for a Tuesday outing with her mama. :)

Friends since before they were born. Love.
(photo stolen from Beth, who somehow got them to pose)

How about a little conga line in the pool?

Every year, spearheaded by friends Chappie and Serita have made over the years, we enjoy a low country boil. We had decided earlier in the day that we'd take our annual 'on the beach' family pictures after supper. Some years the weather is great. One year it stormed. This year, the heat was beyond normal... the heat index was 106. Yeah, that didn't bode well for our photo session. 

Some of our group, trying to look cute while sweating profusely.

You can't tell from the picture, but the heat index of 106 was miserable.

Kate was ready with her camera, but before we even ate,
we were all drenched in sweat and decided to make do
with some pictures on the beach, looking awesome in our bathing suits. 

Banks was over it....

...but Bo and Mack didn't let the heat stop them
from eating red, white, and blue cookies.

Wednesday was another day full of beachy fun. The middle three are all about the ocean and riding the waves.

This year these two were into the boogie boards.

They were also interested in the 'boat' Banks showed them.

More 'nacks' on the beach.

A rare moment of downtime for these four. 

Thursday was my birthday and it started in the best way possible...with our children (the ones I bore and the ones brave enough to marry into the family) and all of our grandchildren invading our condo with birthday wishes and gifts. No photos of that (we were all in pj mode), but here are a few from the rest of the day:

Beautiful mama and her eldest.

Mr. Cool a few minutes before his sunglasses went to swim with the fishes.

Sweet baby Kennedy. 

Bo and Emma being coached by their dads...

And here's the action shot:

...while the older dads watch.

Cousin love.

The beach makes you hungry;
Chappies' boiled peanuts are a huge hit, always.

See? Snacking.

Ellie was minding her own business when
Banks decided her lap looked like a comfy spot.

Kate's taken on the task of making Momee's boiled custard for our ice cream; this year she made a double batch. As Sarah said, "You know the family's getting bigger when we have to make two churns of ice cream!" Tradition has it that every child has to take a turn and the kids were lined up; they wanted to make sure they earned their ice cream!

Bo finishes his turn and Emma gets ready to take over.

Mack just could reach the crank.
That's Molly Grace (Ashley's cousin's granddaughter) supervising.

Ellie's turn (MG still supervising).

After the churning was done, it was time to remove the dashers and have a taste test. No pictures of that because we descended on that one bowl like vultures. Thank goodness we don't mind sharing a spoon! So amazing; nothing like Momee's boiled custard ice cream. 

Banks, sad that the sampling was over.

Thursday night was an eating-out night at kid-friendly Brogan's North. The kids gravitated to a table together and were really so good. It helped that we were in a semi-private corner! And yes, there was ice cream for dessert when we got home!

The kids' table.

Friday was the last full day for everyone and it was a gorgeous, breezy day. 

Banks and his Uncle Worth in a deep conversation.

Yep. More 'nacks' for this sweet boy.

Nothing like the last minute, but we did want some family pictures!

Dubs and the kids heading to the water for a picture...

...but these two had to be wrangled!

Definitely informal!

The Berrymans

The Bowers

Two sisters and their hats.

Last Day rides.

Mack waving as he goes by.

One last look at our precious grandchildren before they have...

...one last look at our happy place.

We're already looking forward to next year!

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