Monday, July 11, 2016

SSI 2016 Part One

One of our favorite times of the year is the week of the Fourth of July. What started as a vacation for a couple with two small children (one of whom is now my precious daughter-in-law) has exploded! 

* Yes, I'm a nerd who loves a chart.
We're so grateful that they've welcomed all of us* who have joined them for the week. The place where we stay has small condos connected by boardwalks, so it's easy for us to roam from one to another, making it seem like we are really all there together, while still having our own space. 

They had no idea what they were starting but we are so glad they began this Fourth of July week tradition all those years ago. 

First day, becoming one with the ocean.

Love for our five to play together.

Poor baby ... lots of references to Little Bo Peep.

Banks and Ellie really bonded during this trip.

Dolphin kids.

Enchilada night. Loved the togetherness!

Again, the oldest and youngest. 

Second cousins enjoying a 'nack' together.

Our babies.

Lots of laughing from this one.

They sat still for a few seconds, under duress. 

Brothers on the beach.

Banks needs a cuddle from Aunt Ash while Mack annoys Uncle Amos
(or maybe he's feeding him boiled peanuts?).

Excited for the fireworks this year and diggin' the glow jewelry.

Banks has no idea why we're on the beach at night. 

The Berryman Bunch

It's all about the accessories.

Time, stop! This girl is growing up. 

Bowers kids waiting for the fireworks to start. 

Look, I see some!

Double trouble, in the dark. 

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  1. Kate and Jay have his and hers kids for sure! Lol! What a fun trip!


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