Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Still at it.

The house is empty; now to conquer the final frontier: the garage.
So much stuff! 
The donation truck didn't have room for it all...they'll have to come back in the a.m.
Also, the garage has no AC. 

Not only that, I got a lot done at mama's new place...hanging pictures on the wall, trying (and not yet succeeding) to get keys for her room and mailbox, getting winter clothes packed for storage, sorting jewelry (thanks, Kate, for letting me vent!), getting her sewing machine set up, consolidating photos and memorabilia in under-the-bed boxes, decluttering and finding a home for all she has, consulting with the doc about her feet swelling, troubleshooting with Comcast after she 'killed' her remote, taking her car to be serviced, a trip to Target for necessities and retail therapy, and putting in a maintenance order to get her air conditioning unit fixed. I managed to get her new digs organized and now it's homier...and calming.

Tomorrow is a whole new story, with more lists to be checked off (another visit from the donation truck, picking up her car, storing her sewing supplies in the craft room) before I head home. So glad she's happy where she is; it's tricky living so far away. 

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