Sunday, May 15, 2016

Portugal Week

While Kate and Jay were in Portugal, the boys stayed with us. E.W. worked short days and we both had a lot of fun grandparenting. The week went by faster than I could believe and was a welcome change of pace after spending the previous two weeks helping mama in and out of the hospital and into rehab (and before returning to move her to assisted living).  

Bo insisted that he wanted to stay in what he calls the 'cousins room' with Banks. I was skeptical but honestly, it went great. Mack came to stay one night and they were all three in there. That night he and Bo did stay up chattering for about 45 minutes (Banks conked out); wish I had a transcript of that conversation!  

Saturday, Ashley brought Ellie, Emma, and Mack so the kids could have some cousin time. Made us so happy to see them all together. 


learning to drink from the hose :)

bathtime is playtime 

helping E.W. with the bird feeder

Bo likes to make chocolate chip pancakes.
Every day.

a little golf practice

tractors with Mack

tractors with Mack in the bathtub

Breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes, what else?
Bo even let Mack help stir. 

Banks has a clear preference.
I've seen the two of them in this pose before!

They were still for about five minutes!

Banks finds himself in the cousin pic from his baptism. 

No idea why he wore these coozies on his arms that day.

Everyone loves a golf car ride.

Bath time - his favorite.
Made better with Gatorade!

Loved hearing him 'read'...those inflections!

Meanwhile, mama and daddy in Portugal. 

This one is a climber. 

popsicles on a hot afternoon

brother snuggles

future's so bright...

cousins in the glider...

...and cousins in the hammock 

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