Friday, May 20, 2016

With Style and Grace

Moving is never easy. I imagine it's especially hard when you're 91 and leaving the home where you've spent more years than anywhere else (army wife life), a home you didn't know you were going to leave until a week in the hospital and three weeks in rehab made it clear that continuing to live alone was was not a good idea. Still, my mama has had the most amazing attitude about leaving the cottage she and daddy moved into in 2000 to an assisted living apartment in the same community. She's been welcomed by many of her friends who've already made the transition and is settling in beautifully, noting all the positives. She is, as she says, doing it with style and grace. Really, my mama is amazing. 

stuff and more stuff

Since Sunday night I've been packing boxes and making decisions. Kate was a huge help Tuesday night and Wednesday (and many thanks to Patsy for wrangling boys so she could come); her timing was perfect as I'd about run out of steam and needed someone to tell me what to sort and pack next!  The rest of the furniture is still there and lots of boxes, but by the time I left this morning, it was with the feeling that we could go back next week and, with a lot of heavy lifting, load everything up and move it to it's next home.

Now if Comcast would get their act together...

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  1. Oh my goodness! I can't imagine how hard that was- not only the moving part, but having to decide what to keep and such and having to relive so many memories. Praying it's a smooth transition for you all.


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