Friday, April 15, 2016

Tift Green 2016: Part 1

It was raining Thursday afternoon when family rolled in from Athens, St. Simons, and Chesapeake, but we were so happy to see each other!

Bo and Kinnick, the first of many rides.
A little rain doesn't bother Banks as long as he's got his club. Obsessed.

A little unhappy when the big boys took off with all the toys....

...but warming up in the laundry room sink = all's right with his world.

Better warm up those toes!

Friday morning was rainy, too, and we were all pretty lazy. By the time Worth got here (we missed Ashley and the kids!) the rain had stopped, allowing a little family golf and super important: ice cream churning. 

Banks chills during lunch.

The 'big' kids and Kennedy

E.W. blowing off the terrace in the rain. Why? 

Bo could not get enough of his second cousin, Kinnick. 

Banks and Kennedy talked to each other all weekend...about something. 

Late afternoon family golf.

Bo's swing...

...a high five from his dad...

...and his mama wants to know how he made such a great shot.
Banks is ready for his turn.

Uncle Worth supervises.
The cutest member of the gallery will be one year old in just a few days!
Bo gets a churning lesson.

This is not a great photograph but I love everything that's going on:
Worth and Bo churning, Banks dining al fresco, E.W. digging in the cooler...
everyone just being a part of the family fun even in the rain. 

Waiting for ice cream

Notice the level of concentration. Momee's custard ice cream is no joke!
Thanks, Kate, for carrying on the tradition.

We all like it!

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