Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wet Saturday

Despite the rain, there was still family fun to be had on the day before Easter. 

The guys thought they were going to play golf.
Instead, they had to make do with a few holes in the rain.

Is that Bill Murray surveying the situation?

Like father like son. Both have style, right?

A little rain does NOT bother this golfer.
He loves a club (or bat, or anything that
resembles something that could hit a ball).

A break in the rain meant it was time for puddle jumping...

...and running...

...and soaring!
(Mack and Bo wonder how she can jump so high!)

Trying to explain away the volume of dirt and water.

This cash register is always coveted and sharing is hard!
Mack is smart, staying out of the competition. 

The maracas are popular, too.
Banks has been know to use a maraca as a golf club.

These two are so cute in their Bowers University shirts.

Emma loves Banks and Auntie Kate.

Cousin Ellie squishing on Banks. It's hard being popular.

Emma's turn to get his sugar. 

Banks love his Dubs. We think it's because he's finally found someone he looks like! 


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