Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sweet Girls

E.W. and I had some special spend-the-night company this past weekend; these girls are a real joy. Friday night featured a picnic in the living room, a lot of playing in the bathtub (them, not us!), and sweet bedtime reading and prayers. Saturday after breakfast we broke out the dress-up basket; I'd bought some new things and that was fun. The weather warmed up later in the morning and we were able to go outside and supervise as E.W. did some spring planting. A lunch of pb&h (honey) and grapes and more play rounded out the visit. We are so grateful for the time spent with both of them.

Emma sports the glasses and Ellie one of the veils... favorites from the
dress-up basket. E.W. is back there calling Bo to Facetime.

Something unexpected on the Doc McStuffins app?

The girls get Dara ready for a stroll.
Santa brought Dara to me in 1961!

So much energy! Glad it was pretty and they could run the cart paths!

My favorite! Holding hands and not one foot touching the ground!

This girl loves to run.

Taking a break!

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