Tuesday, March 29, 2016


So thankful for time with family. It was a gloomy, rainy day outside but happy and wild on the inside. Love my people!

Here are the kiddos after the indoor egg hunt (Emma found the golden egg this year!). Banks gets credit for acting like he was an experienced egg hunter. I'm pretty sure Ellie's jaw is full of candy in this picture and we still don't know why Bo was compelled to wear the German hat the entire time! Mack didn't end up with a lot of eggs in his basket; every time he found one, he'd stop to eat the candy before continuing the hunt. Funny kids.

(Ashley's photo)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wet Saturday

Despite the rain, there was still family fun to be had on the day before Easter. 

The guys thought they were going to play golf.
Instead, they had to make do with a few holes in the rain.

Is that Bill Murray surveying the situation?

Like father like son. Both have style, right?

A little rain does NOT bother this golfer.
He loves a club (or bat, or anything that
resembles something that could hit a ball).

A break in the rain meant it was time for puddle jumping...

...and running...

...and soaring!
(Mack and Bo wonder how she can jump so high!)

Trying to explain away the volume of dirt and water.

This cash register is always coveted and sharing is hard!
Mack is smart, staying out of the competition. 

The maracas are popular, too.
Banks has been know to use a maraca as a golf club.

These two are so cute in their Bowers University shirts.

Emma loves Banks and Auntie Kate.

Cousin Ellie squishing on Banks. It's hard being popular.

Emma's turn to get his sugar. 

Banks love his Dubs. We think it's because he's finally found someone he looks like! 


Friday, March 25, 2016

Three for Three!

More news since yesterday: Same song, third verse for the Berrymans! E.W. can attest to how great it is to grow up as one of three boys and we can only hope that he will NOT teach them how to get into the shenanigans he and his brothers did.

Kate will be taking notes from Sa and Beth, for sure, as they both have extensive experience in wrangling three sons. What an adventure this is going to be!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The boys hear the news.

video screenshot
Kate and Jay sent the funniest videos of them sharing the news with the boys. Bo seems excited; he said he wanted a sister but he also said he wanted a boy, so either way he should be happy. His main concern was how that baby was going to get out of mama's belly.  Banks is, at this point, clueless about the turn his life will take this fall. Sweet boy. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Another Twig on the Family Tree!

It's so hard to keep a secret, especially for eight long weeks. Last Thursday we got permission to share with anyone who would listen and today I have permission to share with the three people who read this blog!

Back in January, Kate and the boys came for a few days. She did NOT tell me she suspected that those two boys would be getting a baby brother or sister this fall. 

Less than a week later, we got a call from Kate and Jay to let us know that there was someone they'd
like us to meet at the end of September. 

We are blessed beyond measure to round out our collection of grandchildren with this latest addition. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Field Trip

Ya know what's fun? A bunch of first graders on a field trip, especially when one of those first graders is your grandchild. It was a bonus that this was her week to be leader so she got to head up the line. Seems like that's just as big a deal now as it was when I was a kid! 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Brothers and Sisters

As an only child, I really appreciate the sisters and brothers that have come to me through marriage. We don't use the 'in-law' part of it, either. These girls (both only children themselves) are my sisters!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sweet Girls

E.W. and I had some special spend-the-night company this past weekend; these girls are a real joy. Friday night featured a picnic in the living room, a lot of playing in the bathtub (them, not us!), and sweet bedtime reading and prayers. Saturday after breakfast we broke out the dress-up basket; I'd bought some new things and that was fun. The weather warmed up later in the morning and we were able to go outside and supervise as E.W. did some spring planting. A lunch of pb&h (honey) and grapes and more play rounded out the visit. We are so grateful for the time spent with both of them.

Emma sports the glasses and Ellie one of the veils... favorites from the
dress-up basket. E.W. is back there calling Bo to Facetime.

Something unexpected on the Doc McStuffins app?

The girls get Dara ready for a stroll.
Santa brought Dara to me in 1961!

So much energy! Glad it was pretty and they could run the cart paths!

My favorite! Holding hands and not one foot touching the ground!

This girl loves to run.

Taking a break!

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