Tuesday, February 23, 2016

just hanging out

Last week I was in the Classic City to help Kate with these boys while Jay was out of town. Poor Banks had the crud and didn't feel great, but still...so sweet...both of them. We did a lot of what Bo calls just hanging out.

Happy to wait in the high chair
until someone gets around to serving his supper.

Salad and pizza, a favorite!

Blue bath time. This could have gone on for hours.

Banks' favorite sentence and it has been for a while. 

School wore this one out...

...but this one was ready to ride!

How sweet is Bo?
He's asking Banks what he wants out of the toy basket. 

Bo and I spent a lot of time playing train.
I discovered I am an excellent track arranger!

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  1. They are at the sweetest ages! Take me back!!! We moved when Will was just a little older than Banks and I feel like I missed a whole year!


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