Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Bowers Christmas!

In the past, I've told the kids to let me know when we were having Christmas. This year we began what (I hope) will be a new tradition. Everyone was here on the 23rd for dinner, gifts, and a spend-the-night. On the 24th, we had a big breakfast and sent everyone on their way so that Santa could come during the night. I love that our children are gathered up with their spouses and kids on Christmas Day, making memories and starting their own traditions. 

Ellie and Bo examine the gifts.


Sweet Emma loves a baby...

...still 'hugging' Banks and I have no idea what Bo and Ellie are doing.

The best part of Christmas!
This is the first time we've taken a group picture
 and no one has tried to escape. 

One of our traditions, started by Sa, is that the oldest grandchild reads the story of Jesus' birth from the Gospel of Luke before we say the blessing. I asked Worth if, now that Ellie knows how to read, he'd like to pass the torch for some of the verses. Using Ashley's grandmother's Bible, he made a copy and gave it to her earlier in the week for her to look over. She read every bit of it with help on a few of the more difficult words (you know the King James can be tricky!) and it was so, so precious. I can see this expanding to include the other grandchildren as they learn to read; hope my heart can take it! 

Ellie reading with a tiny bit of help from her daddy.

After dinner, it was time to open gifts! 
Note to self: next year be the elf. It was beyond chaotic!

Notice them all ripping into this gift,
to the point where Banks is knocked off his feet.

Poor Banks is still struggling on the floor.

These two fought over everything! Mine!
We knew it had nothing to do with gifts when they were spotted
trying to take possession of the old broom in the carport.
Still, so cute.

Overview of the pandemonium. 

After gifts and some play outside (in the carport; the rain would NOT stop), it was time for supper, bath, and bed. Mack didn't get the memo, apparently, as he kept his mama up most of the night. 

I love this so much; all five grandchildren around the kitchen table.
When we got this table in 1977, I remember Emmett commenting
on how we would sit at this table with our not-yet-born children.
We didn't dare to imagine grandchildren around it!

The next morning (Christmas Eve!) we served up a big breakfast and sent everyone on their way for Santa's big night! 

Uncle Worth hooks Bo up...a biscuit with butter and honey.

Not around the table for breakfast, but still. How blessed are we?

I'm already looking forward to 12.23.16!

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