Monday, January 18, 2016


We had some sweet company for a few days...while Jay worked, Kate and the boys came to play. 

Mia, I was thinking about making some pancakes. With chocolate chips.

Such a happy baby, this one.

Listening to me explain (attempt to explain) how the mantel clock works.
The German hat. Always a favorite.

You can't let him near the water until you're ready for him to get in;
he will fight you to get there. Loves bath time.

This one loves the outdoors.

Thank goodness we had some sunny weather.

Banks was all about Dubs. This was right before a pre-nap golf car ride.

Fire pit!

Another contender for the bedhead award.

They're back home, safe and sound, and it is SO quiet around here. We miss those sweet noises.

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