Monday, December 28, 2015

The Eagles have a new head coach!

Last Saturday we stopped in Statesboro on our way to mama's... just a little press conference introducing Tyson as the new head coach of the Eagles! We could not be any prouder! What an amazing opportunity for him and what a smart move by GSU. 

Waiting for 'da coach' to come out.

The Eagles' new head coach!

Beth and boys.

He nailed it.

Posing for the press.

Love this family.

My favorite picture of Tyson and E.W.

Gonna have to buy more blue!

Loosening that tie...proud mama in the background.


Stole this one from the GSU website; it's a great picture
of the new GSU Head Football Coach and his family!

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  1. Thanks so much for coming! I know Tyson was proud to have y'all there! Here's to 4th of July's in SSI again! Woo hoo!


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