Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Family Gathering

Late yesterday afternoon we went back to Albany, pulling in the driveway just minutes after George and Sue. Joe and Cynthia will be here tomorrow...the four of them staying with Sa. It will be good for them to have time together.

The niece/nephew/cousin contingent is going to be at our house. Kate got here today with Banks; so did Sarah, Tim, Kinnick, and Kennedy. We are in the middle of having some trees removed and Kinnick got to ride in the cab of the *some piece of machinery that grabs trees that have been cut down*. Bo will be sorry he missed that

Banks and Kennedy seemed to be okay with us
getting some comic relief at their expense

Ross, George, and Dena will be here in time tomorrow to go with us to Albany; Jay and Bo will meet us there.  We plan to make new memories, eat barbecue, and celebrate the family Sa and Gramps created.

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