Saturday, October 31, 2015

Boys in the House

Kate and the boys came Wednesday afternoon to visit before a weekend of football and trick-or-treating (Jay was in Austin...with torrential rain that shut down the airport, resulting in him arriving at our house in the wee hours of Halloween morning). We spent a lot of time outside! 

Walking in the grass can be tricky!

Practicing his swing.

Running to make the next swing.

Mama and baby brother obey when Bo says, "Watch me!"

Watch me!

Another day, another round of golf.

Well, I know you're supposed to do something with this.
Oh, and there's a ball.

Good mornin'!

Making brownies for the tailgate.

Ah, so THIS is what you're supposed to do!

Scavenger found brother's water under the chair.

Next up: a day trip to Valdosta to watch the Dawgs (ugh) and Trick-or-Treat with the cousins!

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