Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mama Makes A Wish

Years ago, long before my daddy became so sick, he asked mama what she would do if he died suddenly. She told him she'd go to the beach and he laughed at her and said, "You would!" She clarified that being at the beach would put her in a frame of mind to think about what would come next. She's always loved the beach and believes completely that it will "cure whatever ails you."

Last year mama told me she wished she could see the ocean one more time and this week we made that wish come true. She and I spent a few days doing a lot of nothing but letting the ocean talk to us and making sweet memories.

First thing we did was sit outside for a while; this smile says it all!

If you look closely in the bottom corner, you'll see a happy woman.
She spent a lot of time trying to read but the ocean was a distraction!

We spent a lot of time doing this (I don't dare show the picture of her with
her bathroom hiked up so her legs could be in the sun!)...

...and enjoying  this:

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