Monday, September 14, 2015

1995, 1996, 1997

A streak of State Championships two decades ago earned these three golf teams a place in the Tift County Athletic Hall of Fame this past weekend. There aren't many pictures of those days; it's hard to fathom that we didn't even have a home computer then! Still, there are a few...

Coach Patton and his junior golf team, some time in the early 90s.
Worth is on the front row, second from the left. 

My husband is a happy coach after
their first State Championship in 1995!

Group shot after the second State Championship in 1996

Apparently 1997 is when I got an inexpensive point and shoot (ugh, the days of taking pictures and not knowing what you had until the film was developed!).

Waiting to see if anyone could beat our score.
(If you look closely you'll see a future star.)

Watching that leader board!

It was tense but the Devils HAD earned their third consecutive State Championship.


E.W. and The Pro share the moment.
We sure do miss him.

Champs again! That was such a happy day!

For us, it was a family affair. Still is.
Kate made the trek with Banks to attend the ceremony.
Those days were a big part of her life, too.

Sa and Gramps were true blue fans...

...and still are. So glad they were able to be at the
Hall of Fame ceremony.

This man loved (loves) those boys (men)!
He is still so proud of what they accomplished all those years ago.

Worth takes the stage.

New inductees; wish everyone could have been there!
photo credit: Tift County Sports Hall of Fame

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