Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Days Ran Together

After the Fourth, the rest of the week fell into a pattern of beach and more beach. Great memories.

Daddy Duty

One precious profile....

...and another (this one reminds me of his daddy).

Cousin time. Love that these two work on their relationship.

Ellie and Kinnick
We noticed all week how the pairs kept shifting
for one-on-one time with a cousin. Sweet times.

The engine of the grandchildren train.

This one has such a caring spirit.

Sweet feet.

The rest of him is pretty sweet, too.

Stretching it out for the score.

Surfer girl aka Emma the Buoy
(girl would bob in the ocean for hours)

Ellie wouldn't even  get her ankles in the ocean last year.
Things have changed!

Ellie, Emma, and Kinnick thought this was fun.
Mack and Bo were the smart ones!

Royalty in their own minds. Mack even had his wave perfected.

Banks caught on to the beach thing pretty quickly.

Cousins and their babies.
Banks looks happy; I think Kennedy might be asleep!

Shovels and trucks were the popular toys.

Bo and Ellie were completely skeeved out by
the crabs. Mack wasn't fazed in the least.

A lap full of sugar.

Busy fellas.

A boy and his shovel. 

Emma helping baby cousin. She is so nurturing!

A glimpse of normal.
Bo and Mack scheming, Ellie chilling,
and Emma diving into the boiled peanuts.

My shadow and me, just walking on the beach in search of tidal pools.

Another day, more sand in the pants.

Mack and E.W. working on a project.
One of the most favorite nights of the week: low country boil. This year it happened to be on my birthday, so I just considered it my party!


Some of the little people.

Browning cake, courtesy of sweet Ashley!

Cycling fun: Ashley and her girls

Banks didn't care....

...but Bo was crushed he couldn't ride with 'Aunt Ash'...

...and so was Mack. 

Bo did get a turn; Mack did, too.
They just didn't get ALL the turns, which made them unhappy.

Another day, more tears. This time, his mama walked away
for a few minutes and he pitched into the sand in fury. Bless.

It was all fun and games until Bo whacked Mack over the head with the
wagon handle. After that, the wagon was upside down and 'broken'. 

Why should Banks get all the stroller time?

Worth saved the day when he appeared with Icees.

Emma's technique.

Break from the beach for a little crawling action.

The buried mermaid.

Bowers kids.

So busy.

How cute is this? These kids love the water.

Giggles and more giggles.

Banks wishes he could play.

Water in this boogie board boy's eyes.

We didn't think Bo would attempt the boogie board
after his first try, but he did!

So filled with gratitude for family and the time spent together. We're already looking forward to next year!

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