Monday, July 6, 2015

Herding Cats

We weren't sure we'd be able to have family pictures on the beach. The afternoon showers did end in time for us to make a quick run to the sand before we met Sa and Gramps for supper, though. Pictures were earlier than we would have liked (sun makes us squint) and dinner was later than we would have liked (children should have been on their way to bed). Maybe next year we will do better. Maybe.

double trouble

Dr. Dawg and his crew


Our attempt at a picture with the five grandchildren. Jay decided he'd hide
behind Ellie and hold Banks. You see how that worked out.

Four out of five

Bless. At least all five are in the picture this time...
and I was able to crop out most of Jay!

Matchy Matchy

These two take my breath away.  

This is Bo apologizing to Emma for tackling her...
and she's telling him he'd better not do it again.


The Virginia branch of the family.

The Berrymans

We did a lot of this.


All of us, minus Chappie, Serita, Amos, and Anna
Where were they?

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