Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Shortest Week

Seriously, the shortest week of the year is the one the Junebugs spend at the beach! Maybe there's a time warp when the four of us laugh?

This year we were able to upgrade; check out our view! If you look very closely, you'll see our tent (it's a black UGA one). We were extraordinarily proud that we were able to 'pup' the tent in just a few minutes (although it took us a day or two to perfect our technique!).

You would think that after 22 of these trips, there would be nothing new. Nope. We didn't even get out of Mary Ann's driveway before my battery died. She had jumper cables and we had Google (E.W. wouldn't answer his phone), so we managed to get underway and made a stop in Waycross to get a new one. Crisis averted!

The most unusual new thing happened on the beach. Sylvia and I were under the tent; Mary Ann and Ellen had gone up to pack our picnic. I heard what sounded like an old spiritual and as I looked down the beach, saw two men and a woman standing in the ocean. We realized that baptisms were taking place and felt compelled to walk down there. One man was singing a cappella, the minister was baptizing, and the woman was walking the teens into the ocean to be baptized and back out again. The minister's voice was loud and clear and after each of the four teens came out of the water, there was applause from their friends as well as strangers who had stopped to observe. It was such a precious experience, and yes, we cried and hated that the other two Junebugs had missed out. 

So thankful for these friends and our times together (especially at the beach!). 

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