Thursday, June 11, 2015


Look who came to spend the night with us! It's not often that Mack is without his sisters and it's definitely the first time we've had him by himself. He is a busy boy and loves to be a helper. 

Found the truck the minute he got out of the car.

The toy suitcase had a few things that he liked.
(This is the best way I've found to store the toys; just wheel
it back in the closet when the kids aren't here!)

Every child loves this helicopter; the propeller spins
when the string is pulled. Don't know how it is still
working as it was Camden's (and he is sixteen now). 

We cleaned outdoor furniture and rearranged the terrace.
Mack was a huge help.

A thunderstorm chased us inside.

The traditional baby in the sink photo.
Mack's avoided it until now.

Clean and fresh!

We snuggled for a while.

Early morning blueberry check. Not quite ripe. Boo.

Mack loved the pressure washer because he thought it
was a vacuum (he has been obsessed with vacuums forever).

Acting out our family motto:
I'm not bossy; I just know what you need to be doing.

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