Sunday, June 28, 2015

Banks' Baptism Day

Today was a very special day; Banks was baptized at the altar where his mother and brother were baptized and where his parents married. 

Banks was hidden in his daddy's arms
but didn't mind the handoff to the minister.
Not a peep out of him. Bo was taking it all in.

After church, we all met back at the house for pictures (will link when I get them from the photographer!), a nap (for Banks), a dance party and dress-up session (the other four), and a celebratory lunch.

Hopefully the photographer had more success with these four than I did! :)

Sweet baby did wake up in time to show off his almost-crawling and pulling up techniques.

What's all that foolishness?
I thought today was all about me!
(oh, and the German hat is awesome
on a baby too young to remove it)

I only took a few pictures...but I was a little busy. Banks had his parents, his brother, four grandparents, his aunt and uncle, three cousins, three great-grandparents, one great-uncle, and one great-aunt all gathered for the celebration. 

We love family time!

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