Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Few Changes

Our Christmas gift to each other was supposed to be new chairs. Six months after Christmas, we finally found some we liked.

old chairs

Merry Christmas to us!
Bringing in some brighter colors mean that some things just did not work anymore. One of those was this small footstool. 

I couldn't find fabric that I thought would do, so I recycled a piece of drop cloth, adding some painted stripes. 

The old chairs are moving on, but I wanted to keep the ottoman. Extra seating and a place to put your feet up is always good! I cut the skirt off and examined my fabric stash to see what I could find. 

I had plenty of fabric left over from the sofa, and although it wouldn't be my first choice, it will do for now. I had to fit it like a slipcover and sew the side seams before stapling the bottom. That was a first for me, so I was glad I didn't have money invested! I'd like to think I'll order fabric to match the chairs and recover it, but it's not a priority now! 

The other new chair is cozy in the fireplace corner; so comfy. I've already fallen asleep in it.

A home is always a work in progress, but our living room won't be seeing any big changes for a long time!

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