Sunday, April 26, 2015

Just the Girls, Sort Of

I went and picked up the girls Friday afternoon for a spend-the-night. You know we were busy if these were the only pictures I took! 

Let's get this party started.

E.W. got pizzas for a picnic in the living room, which was followed by playing dress-up. Then those girls spent about an hour playing in the much fun to be on the sidelines of their imaginations...and it only took one towel to mop the water that got away! I lost track of time; it was nearly ten before stories were read and girls were tucked in. They like to share a bed when they're here and usually there's some giggling and noise. Not this time; they went down hard!

Saturday (early) morning we picnicked again and watched cartoons (I needed coffee!) before a few rounds of Candyland and a long session with the paints. We operate on the premise that yes, we can do pretty much anything as long as we're all being sweet. :) 

Before taking them home, E.W. and I dragged them to the high school's drama production. It ran a bit longer than I'd anticipated, but still, they did great. E.W. did, too. :)


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