Sunday, April 26, 2015

Just the Girls, Sort Of

I went and picked up the girls Friday afternoon for a spend-the-night. You know we were busy if these were the only pictures I took! 

Let's get this party started.

E.W. got pizzas for a picnic in the living room, which was followed by playing dress-up. Then those girls spent about an hour playing in the much fun to be on the sidelines of their imaginations...and it only took one towel to mop the water that got away! I lost track of time; it was nearly ten before stories were read and girls were tucked in. They like to share a bed when they're here and usually there's some giggling and noise. Not this time; they went down hard!

Saturday (early) morning we picnicked again and watched cartoons (I needed coffee!) before a few rounds of Candyland and a long session with the paints. We operate on the premise that yes, we can do pretty much anything as long as we're all being sweet. :) 

Before taking them home, E.W. and I dragged them to the high school's drama production. It ran a bit longer than I'd anticipated, but still, they did great. E.W. did, too. :)


Monday, April 20, 2015

We're Great - Again!

Late this morning, Sarah, Tim, and Kinnick welcomed Kennedy Elizabeth Sunderman into the family. We can't wait to meet our great-niece! We love her already and clearly, her grandmother is smitten!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dubs and the Baby

Dubbie (Bo's pronunciation of E.W.) and Banks, just chillin' on the terrace last night. Both of them look pretty content.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Strawberries. Mmm.

We went to the strawberry patch this morning; what a fun outing. We picked lots of strawberries, played in the 'treehouse', sat on the tractor, and finished up with strawberry ice cream. 

Bo and Mia looking for the best ones.

Bo dried off all three slides in the 'treehouse'. 

Banks wasn't especially impressed.

This child loves a tractor and would have stayed on this one for hours.

That face.

Mia, come sit by me!

Have you ever seen so much happy?

Dirt and ice cream made for a dirty, sticky boy.
A bonus bath and bubbles were a necessity!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Baby in the Sink

It's been well documented that I love a baby in the kitchen sink. Mack, so far, is the only one who has escaped (every time he's here he's tossed into the tub with his sisters!). 

Here's the latest one. He seems to love it.

Oh, and now that I have a large laundry sink, it's proven to be a favorite with a certain two-year-old (although he doesn't look too happy in this picture...probably because I was talking to him about getting out!).

Monday, April 6, 2015


This sweet boy endured Lowe's and a long Hobby Lobby trip this morning, so he was extra excited to get back home and to his happy place: outside!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

The most important day of the year and we were blessed to be with our children and theirs.

Our oldest and his precious family...

...our youngest and hers!

Love these five!

Can you tell we're happy?

The only group shot anyone managed to get shows that we need to call in a professional the next time we are all together, which will probably be when Banks is baptized. We're out of focus and some of us had no idea a picture was being taken; clearly, we need help!


Bonus: the most precious bunny ever.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

It's All About the Eggs

Saturday was all about cousin time and an egg hunt.

Ellie and Emma were the only two with a clue about what was going on.
Mack caught on quickly.

Bo was a bit skeptical about the whole thing.

Emma's basket was full to the brim.

Ellie found the gold egg.
She was super excited even before she found the $5 bill inside.

Banks wasn't too concerned as long as Uncle Worth had him snuggled.

After the egg hunt, the guys headed off to play golf. Shocker!

It's all about how you look.

Meanwhile, inside the house...

The Bowers kids headed across town to Grandma's house (the advantage of having both sets of grandparents in the same town!) and the Berryman kids had naps and then egg dyeing on the agenda.

Kate explains the process to Bo.

He stayed interested in it for much longer than she thought he would!

Miss Scarlett and Banks participated in a supervisory capacity.

Also? A picture of Bo from today sealed it: this apple did NOT fall far from the tree. 

Jay                                           Bo

Friday, April 3, 2015

Fun Day Friday

What a nice start to the weekend!

Given the choice of tub or laundry sink, Bo chose the fun option: toddler version of baby in the sink!

The German hat (previously seen here and here) continues to be a favorite and Bo was extra stylish when he paired it with shortie pjs and crew socks...

...but Banks kinda rocked it, too.

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