Monday, March 23, 2015

Taking In Air

A while back I mentioned that I was tackling a couple of projects; this one needed to be done so the painters could caulk/paint it.

The air return is oddly positioned (why vertical and in the middle of the chair rail?) and was so ugly. I've had this change on my mind for a long time; so glad to achieve Project Completion. None of the tutorials online were exactly what I needed so I improvised.

Ugly, right?

Gathered up my tools.

Time to get rid of the ugly.

Yep. It involved brute strength
(I needed to keep the metal frame).

Moulding for the outer trim cut, joined, and nailed and/or glued in place.

Used the wall color instead of the trim color on the insert.
Trimmed it to size and stapled it to the back of a frame
made from more moulding.

A few Command strips attach the inner frame with metal grid to the inside
of the new outer trim...gonna have to change that filter, you know.

A closer look. I'm so happy with the result (and the new wall color)!

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