Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Madness, Concluded!

Painters were here for eighteen days in March (and one back in February). I'm not sure if there's anything in our house that wasn't moved around during that time, but at least I got to vacuum in those places that are normally out of reach.

They painted every bit of trim in the house (except the kitchen, which was done last summer). In addition to moulding and baseboards, every shutter, spindle, stair riser, every muntin in every true divided light window got two coats of paint. Obviously, this could not have been a DIY project!

Also not a DIY (my neck never recovered from painting the sloped ceilings upstairs years ago), they painted every ceiling upstairs and down.

The two-story foyer, which hasn't been painted since we built (only because I couldn't figure out how to get up that high!) also is now freshly painted. Thank goodness I like the color (much deliberation) because it will probably stay that way for another couple of decades!

Here are a few during and after pictures of some of the rooms. Trust me, the chaos was in EVERY room and closet. 

They tackled the upstairs first.

Kate's room; everything from the closet making an appearance.

Imagine how long it took me to get it back this way.

Worth's room with furniture away from the walls for trim painting.

His room wasn't the worst to put together, but his closet? Oh, my.
It's where we keep household files, beach paraphernalia, and it also
doubles as my sewing room.

The Barracks aka the guest room. One crib, one full size bed,
and two twin size beds. All in the middle of the room.

The left side back together...

...and the right side, too.

Time to move the pandemonium downstairs. 

Dining room junked up.

Cleared out. I promise the rug and that fabric on the chair do NOT
clash so wildly in person! And yes, I still love my reading corner.

Living room furniture away from the walls, ready for trim paint.

Side note: Once I saw all that heavy furniture moved to the middle of the room, I knew I had to go ahead and paint the walls sooner rather than later. Of course it took two coats to cover that yellow. I had the same epiphany when I walked in the bedroom and saw the bed and chifforobe away from the walls. I can do a lot, but moving those two things by myself = impossible. I didn't even have paint purchased for the bedroom but did have most of a gallon left over from another project. So yes, painting into the late night happened (as well as a fresh coat of white in Emmett's cleared out closet). 

Living room, working on the first coat.

Living room, done. Ended up telling the painters to just leave all
the furniture in the middle of the floor so I could finish this up.  

Love the freshly painted foyer, halls, and stairway!

Gallery wall in hallway looking much better with frames lined up
evenly across the bottom. Still room for a few more at the top!

As happy as I was to get this project started, I was super happy when they were leaving!

Head 'em up, move 'em out.
(maybe you're too young to remember
the Rawhide theme song)

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