Sunday, January 11, 2015

On the Sixteenth Day of Christmas

Although we don't always have Christmas on December 25th (example), up until now we HAVE managed to have it in December!

Between Kate's due date of 12/24 (although sweet Banks wasn't born until the 29th) and Worth's super busy work schedule (not to mention the nearly 250 miles between their homes), we just couldn't pull it together until this weekend. It actually worked out for the best. Kate and her family had some time to adjust to a newborn and Worth had a rare weekend off. It's not always easy but we are always grateful for time together.

E.W. and I got to Kate and Jay's Friday afternoon; the Valdosta crew was just a few hours behind. Everyone was excited (some more than others) to meet Banks.

1st picture of all FIVE of our grandchildren

Mack and Bo have their own business...

...but Ellie and Emma aren't done with Banks.

Supper, bath, and bed was next, because we had another "Christmas morning" ahead of us (another chance to wear those Christmas jammies!). Ashley and Worth prepared a scrumptious breakfast; then it was time to open gifts. Some had been wrapped so long ago that even the givers were surprised.

Emma and Bo rule the kids' table.
Mack is resigned to his spot in the high chair.

Ellie's a big girl, so she got to eat at the bar. I am sorry to tell you
this is a much calmer version of her original bed head.

Banks wasn't too concerned.

This picture captures the mood of the morning.

Although they did get still once in a while.

Dr. Dawg

A truck for Mack!

Again, Banks wasn't too worked up over it.

A truck for Bo!

Bo, it's a step stool, not a time-out bench!

After gifts, a little outside time was in order before lunch.

Time to go outside and play in the treehouse!

Pretty girl, all bundled up.

Emma, struggling with her buttons, but succeeding!

The treehouse!

After lunch, naps and rest time all around.

Emma chills with the coming-home-from-the-hospital blanket.

A visit to see Amos and Anna's new house and wild cousin time rounded out the afternoon, followed by round two of supper/bath/bed for the kids and a little down time for the adults. A wonderful day, for sure.

Measuring up.

Mack didn't quite get it and went all noodle-knees on us. 

TV bought a little time for the adults to finish supper.
Not sure how the girls could be comfortable in those positions!

We are so thankful for the blessing of family and time spent together.

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