Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekend Rewind: Kip and a 34-7 Win!

E.W. and I went to Athens Thursday afternoon so we could get a head start on his birthday weekend. Although remembering the same weekend last year was bittersweet, we had such a good time. Completely not like me, but these are the only pictures!

Friday morning we went with Kate to do a little shopping for furniture. Bo volunteered to test drive many, many chairs. 

chair quality control volunteer

Worth and Ashley came Friday in time to head downtown for supper before Kip's concert at the Classic Center. Kate and I had been planning it since the date was announced (so nice of Kip to have a concert in Athens on E.W.'s birthday!). 

We had great seats and E.W. walked down to the front to watch for a while; see him leaning on the wall? Can't tell you how proud he was!

Kip's old coach was TOO proud.

Saturday we were ready for a win over Auburn. E.W.'s college roommate, Sonny, and his son found our tailgate and that was a fun part of the day. I think it's been about thirty years since we'd seen him.

still crazy after all these years

Kate and I brought Bo home for bath/supper/bed; Ashley, Worth, Jay, and E.W. braved the chill at the game. He took about three hundred pictures with my phone (many featured the ceiling and other random objects). He did manage to take a few of himself. 

one of several hundred attempts

We got him down for the night and then proceeded to really enjoy the game on tv. A 34-7 win? Yes, please. A torn acl for Gurley? Ugh.

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