Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Ashley outdid herself!

Ellie was one of the millions of Elsas this year. Behind her is Emma as
Anna. The Frozen franchise is alive and well.

Our hosts for the evening: Bob the Builder, a witch, Elsa, Anna, and
a little boy who was not a fan of his Duck Dynasty costume.

My children were surprised when they saw each other wearing a hard hat.

A little pre-trick-or-treating madness. Mack did his best to keep up
with the big kids. Bo was more interested in the golf car. 

So much fun watching these two together; should be even more fun
when Bo adds a little brother to the mix!

Emma was TOO excited about Papa's hayride!

Emma shows Bo how it's done.

It took him a while but he got the hang of it. However, he had no idea that
getting candy was the goal. For him, it was all about riding in the
golf car and carrying his 'punkin'.

Emma tries to explain it to him...

...and Mack looks like he's over it when really
he enjoyed the hayride with Grandma Serita.

You will notice there are no pictures of Ellie trick-or-treating. 
She was leading the pack from one house to the next. 
The few photos I did get were just Elsa-colored streaks!

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  1. It hilarious what a fast-paced SPRINT trick-or-treating is! I'm sure it's ALWAYS been a race, but when you're on the other side of it it's completely different! We had two Elsas and two Annas trick-or-treat with us.


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