Sunday, August 31, 2014

The End of August

So. Who has time to work? Thank goodness I retired!

8/22 - Friday...Bo's first night in his new house (still hasn't mastered the art of drinking bottled water).

8/23 - night and bbq ribs.

8/24 - Sunday...Miss Scarlett and Putter are happy we're home so they can sleep!

8/27 - Wednesday morning...time with Mack! 

8/28 - Thursday...loading cabinets and memorabilia that Kate's new home can absorb.

8/29 - clothes that have gone from Bo to Mack and are now on their way to Baby Berryman.

8/28 - Football Saturday...our two babies at the tailgate.

Bo tailgated for a while; he and his mama went home to nap and watch the game.

The most humid game in the history of football! The big 45-21 win over Carolina helped our feelings, though.


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