Monday, August 4, 2014

Just One More Thing

The great kitchen update of 2014 is grinding to a close. Most of it has been done for some time but cabinet finishing and trim painting have been a long time in the works. 

Now that (most of) the cabinet issues have been resolved (and the company should be thankful I was taught to not say anything if I couldn't say anything nice), we're down to waiting for painters. 

Anyone who knows me knows I will pick up a paintbrush in a quick minute! However, I do NOT get along with oil-based paint; it just works out better for everyone if I don't even try it again. 

Our painters have been furiously working in the schools to get things done before classes started and they've told us they'd be here next week. Can't wait to get that last thing checked off the list!

New trim awaits caulking and painting.

There's so much we're enjoying about our new kitchen. I've never been a big fan of granite but this leathered finish has converted me!

I love working in the new space.

We spend a lot of time at the island now, especially over coffee in the morning. Also? I'm still nuts for the slate floors. The sealer toned them down to the perfect shades of brown and gray. So happy about that decision!

Don't turn around!
You'll see the eating area with all that unpainted woodwork!

Keeping our fingers crossed that painting the trim happens next week! 


  1. It looks SO GOOD. We're under contract on a house in town that has an island that is skinny. We'd talked about redoing to have extra countertop for sliding bar stools under just like yours!

  2. It's working so well; the far end does have cabinets, so I didn't lose storage. Congrats on your new home!


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